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INCO/COPERNICUS FERTILIA project: Cycling trace metals in agricultural soils.....

COFIN1999 project: Realizzazione di "tool kit" per l'analisi e la valutazione della consistenza delle risorse biologiche vegetali e della rizosfera utilizzabili per la decontaminazione in situ di suoli inquinati con metalli pesanti e composti organici

MURST  Project on phytoremediation (ITALIAN and ENGLISH versions)

European Union Phytoremediation projects

     In situ Remediation of Contaminated Soil by Plants:
     Project leader Prof. Steve P. McGrath, IACR Rothamsted (UK)

     Bioremediation in the Rhizosphere:
     Project leader Dr. Corinne Leyval, Centre de Pédologie Biologique CNRS, Nancy (F)

COFIN2000 project: Traceability of DNA and protein fragments through the food and feed chain with methods suitable for application to voluntary labelling (EC1139/98)