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On September 17th, 1999, Prof. Nelson Marmiroli wrote:

Biotechnology project on phytoremediation of salt affected lands with crop plants

We are preparing a EC project to be submitted within the programme “Quality of life and management of living resources”, deadline 15 November 1999, (Key action 5 Sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry, and integrated development of rural areas including mountain areas)

Aims of the project:

We would like to offer participation to industrial partners interested in: If you are interested in participating to this proposal please contact Prof. Nelson Marmiroli at the following address:

            Prof. N. Marmiroli

            Department of Environmental Science
            University of Parma
            Viale delle Scienze
            43100 Parma- Italy
            tel. 39-0521-905606
            fax. 39-0521-905665

On June, 24th, 1998, Sergei Ostroumov wrote:

Dr. Sergei Ostroumov PhD; address: Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University,
Tsurupy 7-2-31, Moscow 117418; email:
Interests: Very interested to find a host laboratory for doing some joint research as a post-doc or a visiting scientist. Area of expertise and interest: ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology, microbial biodegradation of contaminants. Unique experience and innovations: developed more efficient and economical methods while studying effects of surfactants and detergents on bacteria, cyanobacteria, diatoms, green algae, flagellates, elongation of seedlings of higher plants, growth aquatic macrophytes Pistia stratiotes, behavior  of leeches, filtration rate by bivalves. Authored over 40 publications in professional journals and 3 books on effects of chemicals on organisms and ecosystems (published by Springer Verlag and other good publishing houses). Had experience of teaching in a U.S. university.

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 On September, 9th, Joris De Vos Wrote

We are living in South Portugal and our working area cover mainly South Europe.
We are a multidisciplinary consulting company with two main activities :

1-  We are the coordinator of " bamboo for europe ", an important CEE funded project with the aim to produce new fibers for the panel industry as alternative for the Pinus tree. Our project is composed by 9 partners of 5 european countries and run untill end 1999.

2- We commercialise constructed wetlands for the treatment of wastewaters and dewatering of sludge. The wastewaters treatment units are limited to small capacities ( from 5  to 3000 HE). For sludge dewatering we are going to 90 000 HE. The
commun plants utilised for both treatments are Phragmites australis.

We are setting up a new EEC funded project linking our two main activities and are interested to exchange informations with any people or company envolved in similar interest. It concern the take up of heavy metals fom sludge by phytoremediation and utilization of this biomass as raw material for the panel industry. Among the plants we will try are populus, willows and bamboo. The heavy metals are Cu, Cr and hydrocarbures.

Many thanks and best regards

Joris De Vos - Cobelgal - Portugal

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