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Here you can find free software produced by our group.
All the software is licensed under GPL.


This is a Windows software that performs Network Analysis. It is described here.
Here you can download the installer.
Here you can download the source code (VB6).
Here is an example of the input file.


This software translates the SCOR format into an Excel file that can be read by WAND.
Installer for windows.


This software takes a SCOR file and produces a graph that can be imported in aiSee graph visualization software. Here's an example of the output.


This software performs the balancing routines described here.
Installer for windows (requires WAND).


This simple C software counts the number of cycles in a network.
C code.


Windows software that performs Loop Analysis and simulations to clarify ambiguities. Described here (in Italian).
Installer for windows.



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