In order to build up a comprehensive data set and identify information gaps the Workshop will focus on:

Theme 1: The Water Framework Directive and the integrated river basin and coastal zone management
Theme 2: Typology of Southern European coastal lagoons: structure, functions, natural value and ecosystem alterations
Theme 3: Modelling of watershed-coastal lagoons interactions
Theme 4: Socio-economic implications in catchment-coastal lagoon systems with emphasis on aquaculture
Theme 5: The use of indicators for assessing ecosystem trends and health
Theme 6: Regional networking, FP6, Integrated projects, Networks of Excellence (Round table)

Contributions are invited for Southern European river basin-coastal lagoon sites. Papers dealing with one of the six themes listed above will be given preference for oral presentation. Speakers should prepare for a 15-minute talk and allow for 5 minute discussion period. The overall object is to bring together all available information on sites and allow participants to discuss methodological approaches, data requirements, model integration, and economic analysis. The possibility of setting up informal networks for the Mediterranean Sea, and the availability of EU funding instruments within FP6 will be discussed.

To submit abstracts see here

Papers that cannot be accommodated as oral presentations will be presented during poster sessions.
These will be held immediately after the oral sessions.