(indicated by Scientific Committee)

Theme 1: The WFD and the integrated river basin and coastal zone management
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Theme 2: Typology of Southern European coastal lagoons: structure, functions, natural value and ecosystem alterations
Bec B., Collos Y., Bibent B., Mostajir B. , Pons V., Souchu P., Vaquer A. Limiting nutrients of pico - and nanophytoplankton in two Mediterranean coastal lagoons with different trophic status
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Theme 3: Modelling of watershed-coastal lagoons interactions
Cossarini, G., Lermusiaux P., Solidoro, C. Using Data Assimilation for investigating the spatial and temporal variability of the trophic state in the Venice Lagoon.
L. Galbiati, F. Bouraoui, F.J. Elorza , G. Bidoglio. Modelling of point and diffuse pollution in a mediterranean watershed
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Theme 4: Socio-economic implications in catchment-coastal lagoon systems with emphasis on aquaculture
M.Cabrini, A.Beran, D.Virgilio, P.Del Negro Risk of microalgal blooms for fish farming in Marano lagoon fishery valley
Gennaro P., Lenzi M., Guidotti M., Mercatali I., Porrello S. Reduction of fish-farming impact by phytotreatment pond system in marginal lagoon area
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M. Bartoli, D. Nizzoli, M. Naldi, G. Vezzulli, S. Porrello, M. Lenzi, P. Viaroli Management of wastewater treatment ponds from an acquaculture hatchery (Orbetello, Italy)

Theme 5: The use of indicators for assessing ecosystem trends and health
A. Carletti, G. A. De Leo, I. Ferrari A coastal wetland rapid assessment procedure: designing and testing an ecological integrity index for mediterranean lagoons.
F. Collavini, L. Da Ros, S. Guerzoni, E. Molinaroli, C. Nasci, R. Serandrei-Barbero, D. Tagliapietra, G. Umgiesser, A. Volpi Ghirardini, L. Zaggia, R. Zonta An integrated approach for assessing the ecosystem health of the Lagoon of Venice: how is it feasible?
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E. Manini, A. Pusceddu, R. Danovaro The trophic state of Mediterranean coastal lagoons: do trophodynamic processes in the sediment have a major predicting capability than those in the water column?
A. Marchini A fuzzy logic model to recognize different environmental sectors by means of the hard-bottoms benthic community in the lagoon of Venice
P. Margoski, K. Horbowa The ecological status of the Vistula Lagoon (Southern Baltic Sea)
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C. Nasci, N. Nesto, L. Da Ros Biomarkers in mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis, as complementary tools for the assessment of ecosystem health: field studies and transplantation experiments in the lagoon of Venice.
M. Ponti, C. Casselli, M. Abbiati Application of the Biotic Coefficient to the environmental quality assessmentof the coastal lagoon Pialassa Baiona (Ravenna, Italy)
R. Sconfietti Ecological indicators of estuarine features on hard substrata in the large north Adriatic lagoons
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D. Tagliapietra, A. Volpi Ghirardini Biological indicators for assessing ecosystem trends and health: a proposal of bioassessment procedure for North Adriatic lagoonal environments
D. Tagliapietra, V. Zanon Habitat and taxonomic code in bioindication
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G. Bendoricchio, L. Palmeri. Quo vadis ecosystems?
S. Marsili-Libelli, E. Giusti. Modelling the interactions between nutrients and the submerged vegetation in the Orbetello Lagoon

Theme 6 Round table: Regional networking, FP6, Integrated projects, Networks of Excellence
Troussellier M. Thau lagoon (France) : a worksite of the National Program on Coastal Environment :
Campostrini P. The Venice Lagoon System: a world patrimony and an open-air laboratory for the scientific research
Viaroli P. LaguNet: a cooperative network of Italian sites for ecological research and monitoring of coastal aquatic ecosystems"