Conferences where the LaguNet activities were present:

The International Symposium on Research and Management of Eutrophication in Coastal Ecosystems will take place 20-23 June 2006 in Nyborg, Denmark. ( Workshop "Coastal lagoon eutrophication "

Congresso SETAC-Europe 7-11 maggio 2006 in Olanda (The Hague) giornata dedicata al tema Contaminated Sediments”.

ENCORA KICK-OFF MEETING Rijkswaterstaat/RIKZ, The Hague 2/3 February2006., draft programme at the end of the document "The ENCORA Consortium and its relations with LaguNet"

2nd International conference on coastal lagoons "European lagoons and their watersheds: function and biodiversity" Lithuania, October 4-9, 2005.

LOICZ II Inaugural Open Science Meeting, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands, 27-29 June 2005

UNESCO-MAB /MARS-MARBEF expert meeting on « Ecological science and biosphere reserves to help nature conservation practitioners and society to set priorities in coastal and marine areas”, ROSTE Venice, 12-14 May 2005 annotated agenda

Meeting for the creation of a Spanish Scientific Network on coastal lagoons and wetlands (RedMarismas). University of Murcia, March 21, 2005 agenda

Indicators of Stress in the Marine Benthos Torregrande-Oristano, Italy – 8-9 October 2004 . Agenda & Proceedings

Meeting for the fundation of a Lusitanian Network of people working on lagoonal ecosystems. University of Algarve, 22 September, 2004 agenda

Convegno “Il Taglio di Porto Viro 1604-2004” Lagune d’Italia, Goro 11 settembre 2004. programma

The Greek Lagoons in thee Famework of th European Networks. Mytilini, Lesvos, March 20th, 2004. Agenda

Southern European Coastal Lagoons: The Influence of River Basin-Coastal Zone Interactions.Castello Estense (Ferrara, Italy), 10-12th November 2003. Abstract of an oral presentation

17th Biennial Conference of' Estaurine Research Federation (ERF) Seattle WA, USA 14-18 September 2003. Poster

13° S.It.E. National Congress. Como, Italy 8-10 September 2003 Poster

III Convegno Nazionale delle Scienze del Mare. Bari, Italy 27-29 November 2002. Abstract (ITA, ENG), Poster

First National Conference of the Italian IGBP Commission. Paestum (Salerno) 14-16 November 2002

GTOS-FAO Workshop :"Developing systematic global observations of coastal areas with a focus on the terrestrial and near shore components". East Carolina University, Greenville, 15-18 October 2002. Agenda, partecipants