Meetings & Workshop of the LaguNet Network:

LaguNet meeting at the Second International conference on coastal lagoons "European lagoons and their watersheds: function and biodiversity". Klaipeda, Lithuania, October 4-9, 2005. Final document

Meeting at the LOICZ II Inaugural Open Science Meeting, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands, 27-29 June 2005

LaguNet Workshop “Major challenges to bridge basic ecology to applications” organised by G. Carrada e A. Basset., Castle of Baia, Naples June 17 – 19, 2004 info & final document

Seminar: Dennis P. Swaney "Biogeochemistry in the coastal zone: Lessons from LOICZ (Land Ocean Interaction in Coastal Zone, an IGBP core programme)" Parma, 29/3/04

Meeting of the LaguNet Network. P. Viaroli, J. M. Zaldivar, A. Basset, N. Murray, G. Giordani. Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy 11 November 2003. Organisation of a Working Group for the "Definition of Typology of Mediterranean Trasitional Waters".

Workshop "Practical implementation of WFD for transitional waters in the Mediterranean area", conveners A. Basset, G. Casazza, C.N. Murray. Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy 10 November 2003.

First International conference on coastal lagoons: Southern European Coastal Lagoons: The Influence of River Basin-Coastal Zone Interactions.Castello Estense (Ferrara, Italy), 10-12th November 2003.

Workshop: Trasporto dei nutrienti negli ambienti acquatici di transizione lungo le coste italiane: valutazione dei flussi e delle funzioni dell'ecosistema Sala Conferenze, THETIS s.p.a Venezia 14-15 aprile 2002 programma