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Gianmarco Giordani (
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The application of the LOICZ Biogeochemical Model to the LaguNet sites was one of the first objectives indicated in the Workshop of Venice . Presently LaguNet comprises 22 ecosystems where the LOICZ-BM has been applied for well-defined time period. In total 94 flux estimations have been undertaken considering a wide range of systems and different time periods. The budgets have been published in LOICZ Report and Studies volumes 19 and 28.

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LOICZ Report&Studies series

Giordani G., Viaroli P., Swaney D.P., Murray C.N., Zaldívar J.M., Marshall Crossland J.I.. 2005. Nutrient fluxes in transitional zones of the Italian coast. LOICZ Reports & Studies No. 28, ii+157 pages, LOICZ, Texel, the Netherlands.

LOICZ Budgets of LaguNet sites (LOICZ server):